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Have you heard of Toothy® yet?! Toothy® task kits are highly engaging task card math games or math centers that allow students to practice math skills and answer questions in a fun, motivating way. The answers on the back of the math task cards make the activity self-paced and self-correcting.Teach the rules for Toothy® once at the beginning of the year, then simply switch out the topic each week and use the activity all year! Toothy® Task Kits - an original idea from Angie Olson at ©Lucky Littl
2nd Grade Math Centers and Activities Bundle is a great math resource that will take you through the entire year! Keep your students learning and diving deep with their math skills through the use of engaging, rigorous, and hands on activities that your students will be sure to love.This bundle includes:120+ math centersfull color and black & white versionsdigital centersaligned to 2nd grade standardsdirection sheets or independencerecording sheets for accountabilityanswer keysskills at a gl
This 2nd grade spiral math resource WITH 3 LEVELS OF DIFFERENTIATION is perfect math worksheets for math morning work, homework, daily math review, and independent math centers. It is a nice spiral review to take you through the entire year and is available in both printable and digital formats.2nd grade spiral math review for the ENTIRE YEAR includes 40 weeks of spiral math sheets with answer keys. What's Included in the Spiral Math Review Sheets BUNDLE:►At A Glance Sheet►40 Weeks of Spiral M
2 Digit Addition with Regrouping - Do your students need extra practice with 2 digit addition and subtraction? Then these worksheets are just what you need. Completely revised! Now includes an answer key.Included are:*5 Pages of 2 Digit Addition (No Regrouping)*5 Pages of 2 Digit Addition (Regrouping)*3 Pages of 2 Digit Addition (with and without regrouping)*5 Pages of 2 Digit Subtraction (No Regrouping)*5 Pages of 2 Digit Subtraction (Regrouping)*3 Pages of 2 Digit Subtraction (with and with
Keep your students from forgetting what they've learned! This 2nd Grade math spiral review resource can easily be used as math homework, morning work, or daily math warm-ups. This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HERE✪ Available for Math, Reading, & Grammar!! CLICK
1st - 3rd
2nd Grade Math Worksheets Bundle is not your average pack of worksheets! These pages are carefully designed to help your students practice and review math skills while having fun learning. There are 373 worksheets in print and digital versions, so that you have pages for every single 2nd grade math standard!Every single page in this pack is standards-aligned, skill-focused, engaging, kid-friendly, and designed to help students gain math proficiency with the standards. Digital versions of each pa
Math Word Wall Grade 2: Help your 2nd grade students remember these essential math vocabulary terms with this visual math word wall, while brightening up your classroom at the same time! Included are 152 visual math vocabulary cards for the ENTIRE YEAR. These cards help students remember key vocabulary with clear visuals and student-friendly definitions. Math Word Walls are the perfect reference tool for any classroom!SAVE with BUNDLES! Purchase with 2nd Grade ELA Word Wall and get 20% OFF!!!
This 2nd grade bundle includes hands-on and engaging math centers for the entire year!!! You will be getting a total of 90 math centers!Each set of centers has the same format, so students will learn the expectations and procedures and then be able to complete centers for the entire year without many new directions.The centers are engaging and include sorts, task cards, math writing, color coding, matching, etc. Each set of centers has a recording book that students use for all 10 centers in tha
When teaching place value in 2nd grade, worksheets simply aren't engaging or exciting enough for students! Our place value unit includes everything you need from place value games and charts to mini-lessons, crafts, and printables so your lessons are both fun AND informative. With this unit, you have four full weeks of done-for-you instruction.Each day includes a word problem, minilesson, activity, and interactive notebook entry.Unit 1 focuses on Place Value: 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers (up to 99
These NO-PREP early finishers activity packets for 2nd grade are full of engaging pages! They are fun & easy activities for early finishers, skill practice, or review! Each worksheet in the early finishers packets targets a math, ELA, science, social studies, art, or SEL skill. This helps students practice content in a fun way! ⭐️DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FILE TO SEE THE EARLY FINISHERS ACTIVITIES IN DETAIL⭐️Read more about how I use early finishers activity packets HERE!Need no-prep early finish
Math morning work task cards will make your mornings easier! These 280+ engaging, EDITABLE paperless math morning work activities are just what you need for your warm-up morning tubs or math bins at the beginning of your school day. They will also keep your early finishers engaged! ⭐ These math morning work activities will save you time because they are paperless and the text is completely editable. Prep once, and you're done! These math morning work task cards are perfect for:✔ 2nd, and 3rd-gra
Second Grade Math Made Fun Curriculum: A Complete and comprehensive 2nd Grade Math Curriculum, which covers all grade level standards in a varitey of ways. I am beyond THRILLED to share with you a brand new 2nd Grade Math Made Fun Curriculum, which is designed to make math FUN, hands-on and engaging for 2nd grade students. If you are looking to get away from the boring box curriculum or even just supplement your current math curriculum, then THIS is the program for you! What is included in each
These place value pages are not your average math worksheets! Place value math worksheets provide your students with extra practice learning and mastering their place value skills, while having fun at the same time. Every single page in this pack is standards-aligned, skill-focused, engaging, kid-friendly, and designed to help students gain math proficiency with the NBT standards.Save money by grabbing the 2nd grade Math Worksheet Bundle -- includes this resource and many more math worksheets to
Digital Toothy® Math Games are a fun activity to practice and review math concepts using a smart board or student device. These digital math task cards are self-correcting and self-paced. They provide a fun incentive to stay focused on the math problems with animated teeth flying into Toothy’s mouth for every correct answer.Devices that are compatible with this digital resource are Smart boards, iPads™, Chromebooks™, laptops, and desktop computers. No accounts or logins are required for student
I love, love, love this curriculum and I am so glad that I invested in it. I love the way it is organized. Everything was thought of with the lessons, problem sets, homework, and exit tickets. My students are engaged and are finding success in understanding the concepts being taught. - Alissa S., 3rd grade teacher This resource is the most step by step math program I have ever used.  My students love the project-based learning lessons. The powerpoints are high quality and the lessons are so well
Math Logic Puzzles for 2nd grade includes 16 higher-order thinking puzzles designed to challenge and engage your high flyers and fast finishers. Your students will utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills while building a solid understanding of essential math concepts and skills. These puzzles are available as a printable PDF and a paperless version made with Google Slides™ for virtual learning.Every activity is directly aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Math.--------
2nd - 3rd
Motivate your students with our NO-PREP games! Included are 21 engaging games, which are perfect for practicing key 2nd grade place value standards: reading 3-digit numbers in different forms, counting within 1,000, skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s, comparing 3-digit numbers, and much more!This pack includes 21 print-and-play games for practicing these 2nd grade skills:Reading numbers within 1,000:Compare ones, tens, and hundreds (6 tens is less than 2 hundreds)Group ones as tens and tens as h
Hang these posters for your students to use as a quick reference during math. They are the perfect tool for students to work on their fluency of their multiplication facts, least common multiples or skip counting. Included is an extra 5 for skip counting to 100.Also included is a fill in the blank version. Print and laminate to use in math centers for students to fill in with dry erase marker or print on half sheet so that students can put them in an interactive notebook. Use with the TpT dig
Help your 2nd-grade students improve their number sense skills with this Number of the Day 2nd Grade Math resource. Your students will dig into a variety of number sense activities all designed to help them work with and understand numbers fluently. A strong number sense foundation helps students in all areas of math, including higher-level math. Help them build this foundation in just a few minutes each day with these No Prep Number of the Day worksheets designed for 2nd grade math skills.
Get your play on with these comprehensive math games! Introducing our 2nd Grade Math Centers Bundle, a collection of engaging and easy-to-use math games that support mastery-based learning. Each game is designed to reinforce key math skills and concepts while keeping your students interested in learning.With this bundle, you'll get access to a variety of games that cover a range of math topics, from addition and subtraction to time and money. Plus, my games use visual aids on the labels to help
This Math Interactive Notebook is great for practicing, reinforcing, or assessing a math skill. They are great for independent, partner, small group, or whole group instruction. They can be easily differentiated too! Included in this bundle are 528 pages of interactive notebook activities that will provide your students with hands-on and engaging math practice they will love!The skills that are covered through this bundle include:Addition2-Digit AdditionFractionsGeometryGraphingMeasurementMone
You’ve got data and you’ve grouped your students. But… What do you actually DO in math groups and interventions?! You’re not alone! The small group and intervention math kit is here to save the day! This comprehensive math kit will take you through the entire year with hands-on, engaging, effective activities. It will help you get organized and transform your intervention time into something that’s effortless for you AND boost student success in math!Still need to figure out where your students
1st - 2nd, Staff
This Christmas Math Mystery, the 'Case of the Selfish Elf' (2nd Grade Edition) will add an exciting twist to your math sessions. Easy prep! Just Print & Solve! Or go paperless with the new Google Slides option provided within your download.Distance Learning Update: I've added a Word Document within the folder that contains a Google Slides link to share this resource with your students via Google Classroom or Drive. Parts of the pages are editable so that your students can complete themwithou
This math resource provides you with 26 different sets of math task cards. These resources come with a full color version and black and white version for your printing needs. It also includes a student response sheet and answer key. For a closer look at what is included in each unit, click on the links below.The math skills covered in this bundle include:Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes Task CardsPlace Value Task Cards (standard form, expanded form, word form, & base ten blocks)Money Task Car
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