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This massive bundle of 127 first and second math centers provides the perfect way to provide engaging, differentiated math practice all year long. Each center follows a similar format, making it perfect for independent practice, leaving you with more time to teach with fewer interruptions!Great for centers or fast finishers, with this bundle you’ll be able to easily differentiate for the needs of all your students with a massive selection of games to choose from.⭐ Also available - First and Seco
1st - 3rd
Are you using INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS in your classroom? You really should be! My students love them, create them, reference them, and will take them home at the end of the school year where they will continue to learn from them! They can be used in either a whole group or small group setting. They were made so that they are easy for your students to assemble. Each interactive notebook activity comes with a photo of it assembled so there is no confusion on how it should look. I also love h
Looking for hands-on, fun activities to teach number lines, missing numbers, number patterns, and number order? This unit is packed full with engaging activities that will keep your kiddos interested in searching for patterns in numbers! These activities incorporate THREE-DIGIT numbers, and a few go up to 1,200. If you are looking for number lines with skip counting patterns, then you are in the right place!!Activity 1: Hands-on Number Line (2s, 5s, 10s, blank)Activity 2: What’s Missing? T
2nd - 3rd
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP 3rd grade math games! This huge bundle includes 77 engaging games, which are perfect for 3rd grade math review throughout the entire school year. Your students will LOVE math class when you pull out these math games to use for practice! These math centers contain no-prep, print-and-play games to support 3rd grade Common Core standards in these key areas: operations, place value, fractions, measurement, and geometry. Watch as your students immerse themsel
Number Sense Numbers to 120 I created this low-prep pack for my little ones to work with numbers 1-120 during math workstations and small groups. All you have to do is print, cut, and laminate the cards! Then, choose the activity you want your kiddos to work on and place them in a center! There are 12 no-prep activities included in this pack. Here's what you will find: Find and Color-Students draw cards and color them on the 120 chart Before and After-Students draw cards and write the 3 num
1st - 2nd
Eliminate the stress of planning for a sub with these done-for-you, no-prep, First Grade sub plans. This resource includes three full days of detailed lessons and engaging activities for your days out. Sub plans can take HOURS of your time to put together. With these, you can be done in MINUTES! Just print, and you are set!These are NOT fluff days for your students! Your students will love the thoughtful lessons and fun, hands-on activities that review grade-level content.You Will Get the Follow
This set of PLACE VALUE WORKSHEETS is a great tool for supplementing your current math instruction. There are over 50 worksheets and 2 card games, allowing your students to extend their work. For FIRST GRADE children, this packet is perfect for continued reinforcement and as homework options.For SECOND GRADE children, the sheets are great for math intervention groups, providing extra practice for children who don't yet understand place value concepts.See the PREVIEW for a more detailed look at
This quick-paced, nail-biter of a math game will leave your kids BEGGING for more! Team up to knock out the other team's player. The last team standing wins! This is by far the most engaging thing I've done for my classroom this year. My kids get SO excited when we play, and they work super hard all week practicing their math just so they can improve their Knockout™ game!Distance learning? No problem! Students can play this game at home using a computer as the whiteboard. Options for at-home gam
Use these 24 Name that Number cards (print or digital) for added math enrichment! These rigorous task cards require students to use a variety of math skills including place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, greater than/less than, and more, in order to solve the puzzles. They would make a great warm-up activity or would also be good for centers or partner work.Each card is numbered so students can easily track which cards they have completed. Students can record their answe
This is an easy and fun little game for your students to practice place value and expanded notation to tens and ones. Common Core Aligned to First Grade! Other Similar Products: Freebie Place Value Hundreds and Thousands Roll It Make It Expand It Freebie Place Value Ten Thousands through Millions Roll It Expand It
K - 2nd
Help your students to develop a conceptual understanding of place value and rounding with this three week place value and rounding unit!This product includes three weeks of math instruction that is written in an easy to follow format. The lessons are written to give students a solid foundation in representing numbers in written form, standard form, and expanded form, as well as the value and place value of numbers through the millions place. Students will also determine the relative size of digi
Place value puzzles! Students will match the standard form, word form, expanded form, and a base ten block representation of each number. Includes 40 four-piece puzzles. The first 20 puzzles feature 2-digit numbers. The second set of 20 features 3-digit numbers. Use the two sets to differentiate or at different points in your place value unit. To prolong their use, I recommend laminating these cards or printing them on sturdy card-stock before cutting them apart along the solid lines.You can mak
1st - 3rd
Guided Math Whole Group and Teacher-Led Small Group Lessons for First Grade Download the Free Standards-Alignment for Guided MathPlace Value Unit FocusStudents work on concrete, representational, and abstract understandings of place value focusing on the following skills.Building teen numbersTen and moreTens and onesComposing and decomposing numbers as tens and onesComparing numbersAdding tensTen moreTen lessExpanded formBase Ten Concrete 2-digit addition with base tenEstimationNumbers to 120Wor
This CCSS aligned place value packet includes 16 practice sheets to teach/reinforce place value, forms of numbers, and comparing/ordering numbers. These can be used to introduce a concept, review a concept, or send home as reinforcement for homework. An answer key is provided.This resource can be used along with our other 4.NBT.1 & 4.NBT.2 resources:4.NBT.1 & 4.NBT.2: Assessment4.NBT.1 & 4.NBT.2: Poster Set4.NBT.1 Task Cards: Place Value4.NBT.2 Task Cards: Forms of Numbers4.NBT.1 Mat
These place value digital math centers include 20 engaging, ready-to-assign Google Slides activities to practice concepts such as place value relationships, number forms, comparing and ordering, and rounding. The interactive slides and moveable pieces make practicing place value concepts WAY more fun than a worksheet!The best part? You'll save yourself TONS of time because there's no printing, cutting or laminating needed. Simply assign in Google Classroom or using a link. All you need is a devi
PLACE VALUE WORKSHEETS : This resource offers a collection of place value worksheets with 9 different types of activities designed to aid students practice place value skills TENS and ONES in a fun and engaging way. The product also includes 3 assessment pages.* Color tens and ones to show each number* Fill in the blanks* Complete the chart*Count the tens and ones. Cut and paste the correct number* Cut and paste to match the tens and ones. Then write the sum.* Count how many, then color the corr
1st - 2nd

Also included in: Place Value Worksheets BUNDLE

Help your students to develop a conceptual understanding of place value and develop number sense with this two week place value unit! The unit allows students to understand how to read and write numbers in written, standard, and expanded form, as well as understand the value and place value of numbers. This third grade place value unit includes everything you need to teach place value and includes games perfect for math centers. You'll access detailed lesson plans written in a teacher-friendly
Do your students need more practice developing number sense? This set of printables will help them build number recognition skills, practice number writing, learn basic place value and more! This download includes printables for numbers 0 to 20. The simple format allows students to complete them independently so they are perfect to use during math centers or as morning work. They are also ideal to use during small group time or RTI to provide additional practice with numbers. If you like
PreK - 1st
“LOVE LOVE LOVE each of these- my kiddos get tired of worksheets this is a great format easy to print- thorough, and over all an engaging way to get through math concepts.” – Deana D“These things are so neat! I love the hands-on approach. I use these after I've taught a quick lesson on the topic and the kids are able to do the activities quickly. They love setting everything up and I love that at the end of it, they will get to see all their hard work!”- Jayme O“I’m not good at math.”“Math is ha
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP 4th grade math games! This huge bundle includes 105 engaging games, which are perfect for 4th grade math review throughout the entire school year. Your students will LOVE math class when you pull out these math games to use for practice! These math centers contain no-prep, print-and-play games to support 4th grade Common Core standards in these key areas: operations, place value, fractions and decimals, measurement, and geometry. Watch as your students i
This set now contains 30 printable games for numbers to 999. The games are ideal for a place value math center, fast finishers, homework or fun games time.PLEASE NOTE: This pack has been extended and 11 new games have been added including games with skip counting by 100, 10 and 5, Comparing Numbers and 100 and 10 More and Less. If you have already purchased please download again to get the new version with the new games.These fun, printable games include - 26 math board games for 2 players or 2
Toothy™ Task Kits- an original idea from Angie Olson at ©Lucky Little Learners, LLC.You can watch a demonstration and explanation of these Toothy Task Kits here:Toothy Facebook Video TutorialToothy Task Kits are a great option for your students as centers, early finishers, whole group activities, or even morning work. Toothy Task Kit Organizers can be purchased here.The mats used in this resource are a supplement to the Toothy Task Kits.We have Toothy Bundles for a variety of skills and grade l
K - 3rd
There are many songs, poems, and tricks to teach rounding. But sometimes, all those tricks can get in the way of a true understanding of what rounding is. Rounding isn't an isolated skill, it's a strategy we use to estimate and problem solve. It can be hard to teach - and hard to learn - but when done well, it reinforces so many abstract concepts about numbers.I created this resource based on a rounding lesson I have done for years in my classroom with great success. This lesson really gets kids
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP games! Included are 12 engaging games, which are perfect for practicing key 5th grade decimal place value standards: writing decimals, comparing decimals, ordering decimals, and rounding decimals! These games support Common Core standards 5.NBT.3 and 5.NBT.4.This pack includes 12 print-and-play games for practicing these 5th grade skills:Reading and writing decimals to thousandths:• Writing decimals in word form• Writing decimals in fraction form•
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