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This activity packet includes 9 mystery cards students have to solve to unveil a surprise picture! Each mystery card contains pictures of various sets of base 10 blocks. Students must read each set, write the corresponding number, and color in that number cell on a corresponding 100's chart {also included}. 9 answer keys are included in this packet as well. These mystery pictures can be completed as an individual task OR as a whole group oral/listen & follow directions lesson. Please n
1st - 3rd
Included in this TOP-SELLING resource is a checklist of procedures to teach that will help keep you organized throughout the year. This resource takes all of the guesswork out of your beginning of the year management plan. Simply take out this list, and teach each procedure based on your management philosophy, or check out my step-by-step guide to teaching procedures HERE.The Checklist of Procedures and Routines·This document lists out over 100 procedures and routines.·By teaching your students
Parts of Speech Pop Art coloring pages make learning and reviewing grammar a lot of fun! Included are starter, basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced English Language Arts coloring pages to help students (grades 2 to 8) practice parts of speech and review their grammar. This set includes 10 images that are appropriate for different times of the year. With the FIVE levels included you will find that “discreet” differentiation is easy. This parts of speech product is designed to be useful at
2nd - 8th
These pattern block math logic puzzles for kindergarten, first, and second grade make a great, NO PREP math center activity, morning work activity, or challenge math activity. These logic puzzles keep students highly-engaged while improving and developing their logic and visual discrimination skills. These brain teasers are a great way to teach your students to persevere through challenging tasks and help to develop their growth mindset. This bundle includes three different levels of math logic
K - 2nd
WORKING MEMORY BEST SELLER! These 15 research-based brain games are designed to improve kids' working memory in five minutes of partner game play daily for just 9 weeks! If you've ever complained that students lack the following skills, an executive function of the brain called working memory might be the issue!-staying focused and on-task-following complex and multi-step directions-copying information and taking notes-keeping their place in a text-retelling stories-explaining strategies-reorgan
Behavior reflection think sheets and management activities with sorts and visuals. These visual think sheet provide a simple way for students to reflect on their choices and think of better choices for the future. Includes whole group sorts for students to become more familiar with the images and student think sheets with the same images. Also includes beginning of the year independent activities for students to introduce classroom behaviors to students. Includes 3 different think sheet for
The materials in this package are adapted from Leah Kuyper’s wonderful book on self-regulation, The Zones of Regulation® (2011), published by Social Thinking Publishing, www.socialthinking.com and used with permission.If you are new to using Zones, I highly recommend implementing it into your classroom. My students are so much better at identifying their emotions and self-regulating themselves than they were at the beginning of the year! Included in this package:- interactive name plates (two fi
PreK - 8th
3D Pop Art Christmas ornament: A unique Christmas activity is a fun way for classroom teachers to include a super-cool holiday art project! The Christmas ornament is made from one sheet of paper and is very easy. Follow my how-to video to create Christmas ornaments that your kids will love. This is an original Art with Jenny K. design shared on TPT in 2013.In this lesson, you will get...Written Instructions (with photographs)PrintablesHandoutsYou also get an 11-minute how-to video (mp4 file) and
Make your 100th day of school celebration STEM-TASTIC with these 6 engaging activities that are STEM challenges. These Smitten with First 100th Day STEM challenges can be used as stations or as activities completed throughout the day. See preview! Challenges Included:Pattern Hats (students build a party hat with 100 pattern blocks)Build 100 (students build the number 100 using 100 building blocks)Hairy Glasses (students build shape glasses using 100 gray hairs/pipe cleaners)100 Wishes (student
LOVE this! My students had to really think while completing this last year...and considering how well their brains were working right before break, I LOVED it too! Can't wait to use it again. - Aillison Y, 4th GradeOMGosh!! This is awesome. It is totally worth it! Self-explanatory, has instructions embedded in the slides, very much a student-led activity. Thank you for making it! - Sarah S. This Holidays Around the World Escape Room is the perfect no-prep activity to help your students strengthe
Quadrilateral Robots: Project-based Learning Math Activity, worksheets & game. My "Quadrilateral Robots" lesson is a great hands-on way for students to have fun learning about quadrilaterals. There is a quadrilateral robot art project, a "robot road" game, and high-level thinking worksheets. The quadrilateral robots are made up of parts made only from members of the quadrilateral family–squares, rectangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, kites, and trapezoids!I have included all of the colored e
This easy prep STEM Activity is surprisingly challenging! Students will have a fantastic engineering opportunity through problem-solving. The best part is that your prep includes one basic material and the students take over from there. Just stand back and watch them brainstorm and build incredibly tall towers. They will groan when the tower falls and then dive right back in and build it again. Be ready for cheering when it works!Please note: This challenge is available in money-saving bundles!S
These 60 Early Finishers Task Cards are a great way to answer the common classroom question, "I'm Done. Now What?" Perfect as challenges during Distance Learning. Creative thinking, sequencing, writing and cause and effect skills are taught through these engaging activities. This would be useful as an enrichment activity, or as a bonus reward for great effort by students. This would also be useful in a reliever or substitute teacher pack.Click HERE to SAVE over 12% with our Early Finishers Activ
My students cheer when they see Boat Building on our agenda and your students will too! This is a challenge you must try! There is just something about a STEM Challenge to build a boat and test it to see if it will float (it will). It is totally fun to watch their faces and hear the groans when a boat sinks or celebrate with them when the boat holds a lot of weight! This challenge is available in several money-saving bundles!What is the Challenge?This STEM activity will have your students design
This STEM Activity features a bucket with the challenge to build a tower that will hold weight. It's a student favorite and you will love the ready-made lab sheets and low prep. Students must also explain why their towers need a bucket. Imaginative answers are one of the high points of this challenge- along with seeing those creative bucket towers!Note: This challenge is available in money-saving bundles!STEM Challenges Straws 1 BundleSTEM Challenges 6-Pack Bundle featuring Easy SuppliesWhat is
Looking for a way to give your students additional higher level thinking activities? This set of Brain Teasers includes 40 pages with more than 400 activities to promote critical thinking! These are perfect as an educational but fun activity for transitions or any time you'd like to stretch give your students' thinking! You can leave several out for a sub and they're also perfect for fast finishers and enrichment!This set includes:40 Pages of Brain Teaser QuestionsRecord SheetAnswer KeysTeacher
3rd - 5th
A Growth Mindset is something that can be taught! Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by hanging up these posters for your students to see! SAVE $$$ AND BUY THE GROWTH MINDSET BUNDLE NOT QUITE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? CHECK OUT THESE GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS INCLUDED RESOURCES *ALL POSTERS COME WITH A NON-CURSIVE OPTION *17 posters with colored chevron backgrounds *17 posters (same sayings) with gray chevron background *17 matching student coloring pages *17 posters (same sayings) wi
Growth Mindset Escape Room is so much FUN! The escape can be completed independently or as in small groups. The students participates in a challenge to escape the room of fixed mindset. The students work to complete tasks and solve puzzles. With the focus on Growth Mindset this activity is sure to please all. Genius! Follow-up with a lively class discussion. The Escape can be completed in one session or it can be assigned over the course of days. You can use as many or as few of the challenges
Challenge your students to improve their higher-order thinking skills with these mystery theme grid logic puzzles! There are 5 logic puzzles included: 1. Museum Mishaps, 2. Pet Mess, 3. Mystery Books, 4. Mystery Theater and 5. Hot on the Trail. Each puzzle includes a story and 5 clues or less. Each comes in color and black and white and includes an answer key. These are a great way to challenge students to work on skills such as deductive reasoning, critical thinking, making inferences, process

Also included in: Logic Puzzles MEGA Bundle

✅ Word problems are one of the most FRUSTRATING math topics for both students and teachers! My students usually know HOW to either add, subtract, multiply or divide they just have trouble deciding which operation to use to solve the problem.This method has them taking a few simple steps and asking the question, "Do I know the total?" If they can answer that question, they have already narrowed the operation choices down to two! This strategy is great for teaching whole group and the stations are
3rd - 6th
Love classroom escape rooms or break outs? Are you looking for a more engaging was to practice the ELA and math standards during test prep time? Escape rooms are the most fun way to review the standards while encouraging team work, critical thinking, and problem solving! This bundle includes two 90 minute escape challenges that will help your students practice the math and reading standards that will be on the state test.**This is the print version of the game. If you prefer the digital Google f
This set of 56 interactive logic puzzles will have kids begging for more! Easy to use, these brain teasers are a great math center that will keep kids engaged while thinking logically. These puzzles are perfect to help your 1st and 2nd grade students learn to persevere through challenging tasks.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Now includes DIGITAL logic puzzles formatted for students to use with G
1st - 2nd
Get your students up, moving, and practicing powerful discussion skills with this product! These cards encourage and develop thoughtful kid-centered and kid-selected conversation starters.With fun, simple, and engaging prompts, students choose one of the four answers and meet in a group to discuss and engage. This is a great resource to add to your morning meetings, to use during transitions, or as a fun way to end your day!Included in this resource:-Over 50 discussion cards (available in two
Fun Halloween Escape Room Activity to use for parties or rewards. The students work in groups to complete tasks and solve puzzles. Are you looking for something different for the classroom party? The focus of this Escape Game is team building and having fun. **** NEW just added a digital version. Use the PDF or the new digital file.No Props required. Lots of choices help the teacher customize the tasks. The activity can include hiding the tasks around the room, but it is not necessary. You will
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