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Lucky Little Learners

Lucky Little Learners

  • Teaching Experience

    Angie Olson has eleven years of teaching experience in kindergarten, first, and second grade. She has her master's degree in mathematics. She is passionate about creating resources for teachers to help make learning engaging, interactive, and fun.

  • My Teaching Style

    My teaching style is hands-on, engaging, and differentiated to meet the needs of all my students. I strongly believe in making learning fun, yet rigorous for all students.

  • Shining Teacher Moment

    Graduated from grad school with a Master's Degree in Mathematics

  • My Own Educational History

    I went to high school in Frazee, Minnesota. Then I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a pre-primary emphasis from Bemidji State University. I went on and earned my Master's degree in Mathematics in May of 2011.

  • Additional Biographical Information

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Lucky Little Learners

Lucky Little Learners

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