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Morgan AP Teaching

Morgan AP Teaching

  • Teaching Experience

    6 Years of A.P. Teaching

  • My Teaching Style

    Eclectic and dependent on my students.

  • Shining Teacher Moment

    CSU Stanislaus History Undergraduate of the Year - 2012

  • My Own Educational History

    SFSU (undergraduate) and CSU Stanislaus (undergraduate and graduate)

  • Additional Biographical Information

    With 90%+ pass rates, I offer full curriculum for AP World, AP Euro, APUSH, and AP Psych--full year or semester classes, as well as regular history class curricula for World History, United States History, Government/Civics, and Economics! I like making and using content, so always check back for new stuff! Feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected]

Morgan AP Teaching

Morgan AP Teaching

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